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(Car Speakers and Subwoofers - Subwoofer 8")

HVT stands for Horizontal Vertical Transforming technology which transforms horizontal movement into vertical movement of a woofer diaphragm to produce true, powerful and wide-range bass. The TS-WH500A amplified subwoofer system is a truly groundbreaking approach in loudspeaker design. HVT technology uses a unique linkage mechanism, which allows the magnet and voice coil of the dual motor structure to be positioned horizontally to the left and the right side of vertically moving dual speaker diaphragms. Combined, the two diaphragms have an effective surface area equal to a conventional 8" subwoofer and fire in a bipolar arrangement, increasing output while also canceling destructive vibrations within the enclosure. 

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Maximum power 150 W
RMS power 50 W
Sensitivity 98 dB
Frequency response 20 Hz - 200 Hz
Impedance 4 ohms
Additional information • 8 1/4" HVT Sealed Active Subwoofer
• Cone Composition: Polypropylene
• Surround Composition: Rubber
Width 7 inch(es) / 17.78 cm
Height 2.33 inch(es) / 5.92 cm
Depth 4 inch(es) / 10.16 cm
Warranty 1 year(s)
UPC# 884938274234

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