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CXA80 (B)
(Receivers and Amplifiers - Integrated Stereo Amp)

Tout le monde aime écouter sa musique à partir de sources diverses dotées de sorties analogiques et numériques, qu’il s’agisse de système de diffusion en flux, de téléviseurs et d’ordinateurs portables, de lecteurs de CD ou de platines tourne- disques. En offrant une large gamme de types d’entrées audio analogiques et numériques, le CXA80 permet à vos différentes sources de musique de recevoir la même amplification haute qualité.

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CXA80 - Power and Control

Rated at 80 Watts per channel the CXA80 has power in reserve for even the most demanding speakers. It features an oversized audiophile-grade toroidal transformer, separate taps for the left and right channels, twin rectifiers and separate PSUs, so it works as a dual mono design, giving it incredible presence and sound imaging.

In fact, the entire internal layout of the CXA80 is designed to minimize left/right crosstalk and provide astonishing stereo separation - symmetrical and separated circuit paths deliver a soundstage that’s usually only audible with amplifiers costing many times more.

CXA80 On-Board DAC

The CXA80 was designed to work with digital sources from the outset, so has a 24-bit/192kHz Wolfson WM8740 DAC chip built in. This chip is the heart of our award-winning DacMagic range, so simply connecting the CXA80 to the digital out of the dedicated CXC CD transport creates a perfect partnership.

The on-board DAC also means that the CXA80 works its magic with any digital source. So whether it’s music from your PC, TV or your network steaming device, it all gets passed through the Wolfson DAC. The result is that digital music soars to new heights, reveals new depths and can be enjoyed like never before.


Designed to work with as wide a range of separates as possible, we engineered this integrated amp with both digital and traditional analogue inputs. Digital support is in the form of S/PDIF co-axial and TOSLINK digital inputs.

Add an optional BT100 Bluetooth dongle and you have access to aptX high-quality steaming, opening up a world of possibilities from your paired device. Analogue options include four sets of RCA inputs and a front 3.5mm aux jack. There’s also a headphone socket, and the ability to run two sets of speakers, or bi-wire a single pair.

Inside Story

Dual Mono Design

Separate transformer taps for left and right channels, twin rectifiers and separate PSUs give dual mono operation of the left and right power amplifiers.

Superb Separation

The internal PCB layout is optimised for minimal left/right 'crosstalk' and to maximise the quality of stereo separation. By using symmetrical and separated circuit paths for the two channels, we ensure that the CXA80 delivers stunning stereo separation and minimum cross- channel interference.

Toroidal Transformer

We use a Class AB amplifier design, a centrally mounted audiophile grade oversize toroidal transformer, and substantial extruded heatsinks. This allows the CXA80 to deliver 2 x 80 Watts RMS into 8 Ohms. Into 4 Ohms, this increases to 2 x 120W.

Volume Pot

An ALPs film type volume pot delivers accurate volume control and superb low level channel balance

IMPORTANT: Les images peuvent différer du produit.
Sound channels 2
Power output • 80W RMS into 8 Ohms
• 120W RMS into 4 Ohms
Power consumption (max) 600 W
Frequency range (Hz) <5Hz – 60,000 Hz +/-1dB
Video compatibility None
Bluetooth Compatible
User interface On the receiver
Additional information • Separate transformer taps for left and right channels
• Class AB amplifier design
• An ALPs film type volume pot delivers accurate volume control and superb low level channel balance
• 24-bit/192kHz WM8740 DAC chip from Wolfson
Phono input Non
Composites Audio Inputs (Analog) 4
Composites Audio Outputs (Analog) 1
Optical digital inputs 2
Coaxial digital input 1
XLR inputs 1
Headphone output Oui
Network Non
RS-232 Non
Width 16.93 pouce(s) / 43.0 cm
Height 4.53 pouce(s) / 11.5 cm
Depth 13.43 pouce(s) / 34.1 cm
Weight 19.18 lb / 8.7 kg

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