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$2,499.19 + $0.80 EHFs

Azur 851E (B)
(Receivers and Amplifiers - Pre-Amplifier)

The pre-amp stage is all about minimal colouration. Take the source signal and pass it onto the power amp stage with as little interference as possible. That’s exactly what the 851E does, and coupled with its solid-state volume control, it retains audio signal purity and precision even at the lowest listening levels.

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Power consumption (max) 36 W
Total harmonic distortion 0.00045 %
Frequency range (Hz) 10 Hz - 100,000 Hz
Additional information • The toroidal transformer helps, as does Cambridge Audio's insistence on using only audiophile-grade components; many hours of fine tuning also play their part
• The 851E has a broad range of connection options, including three switchable between unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR, the later ideal for high-end sources
Composites Audio Inputs (Analog) 7
Composites Audio Outputs (Analog) 1
XLR inputs 3
XLR outputs 1
RS-232 Yes
Width 16.93 inch(es) / 43 cm
Height 4.53 inch(es) / 11.5 cm
Depth 15.16 inch(es) / 38.5 cm
Weight 17.86 lb(s) / 8.1 kg

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