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Cambridge Audio TVB2 soundbar and wireless subwoofer are capable of extracting massive detail from all your music and movies and are the ultimate upgrade for your TV. The 6.5 inch subwoofer produces awesome bass, wirelessly, and the discreet, narrow profile soundbar, equipped with our own patented BMR® speaker technology (found in our very best hi-fi speakers) distributes mid-tones and detail perfectly, wherever you are in the room.

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Awesome Sound

Thanks to 120 W of balanced power, TVB2 has been engineered for deep punchy bass from its wireless subwoofer, and our 4th generation BMRs deliver a detailed midrange and crisp treble. The BMR’s ensure that wherever you are in the room.

Patented BMR speaker technology (found in our very best hi-fi speakers) distributes mid-tones and detail perfectly, wherever you are in the room.

Selectable EQ Modes

There are four adjustable EQ modes which are all selectable from the remote. These can be used to tailor your sound to suit the style of music you love most. • TV enhances the sounds found in your favourite TV shows • Music mode enhances stereo music and music videos for amazing playback • Film will enhance dialogue, sound and special effects, for incredible cinematic sound • Voice means important dialogue is delivered in perfect clarity.


When Cambridge Audio designed this soundbar, they also wanted you to be able to connect your blu-ray player, satellite box and games consoles via HDMI. They have included three inputs, all with 4k and 3D pass-through, for incredible images to match TVB2’s sound quality.

Additional Inputs for Connecting Any TV

Our engineers have also included ARC technology on the HDMI output, meaning TV audio can be sent back through the TVB2 as well, providing ultimate flexibility with just one connection.

If your TV doesn’t support ARC HDMI, TVB2 also has an optical digital input and an AUX-in analogue input, so literally any TV or source can be connected.

IR Remote Learning and Auto ON/OFF

TVB2 learns from your existing TV remote, reacting to your TVs remote volume commands, so once installed you can completely forget about having to control the TVB2. Auto power on and off kicks in when TVB2 isn’t needed and when you’re ready to go, the system reboots almost instantly. This can take up to 20 seconds with competitor set ups.

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Number of channels 2.1
Pass-through 4K/3D
Wi-Fi Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Additional information • Powerfull room filling sound for music and movies
• Uses your existing TV remote and has auto power on/off
• Quick and easy to install
• Bluetooth streaming with NFC
• Patented BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) speaker drivers deliver a wider, more room-filling sound than similarly-sized traditional speakers
• As well as being able to adjust the subwoofer level, there are four adjustable EQ modes
Mid/low frequency drivers 2 x 57 mm (2.25") Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) drivers
Mounting option(s) Stand, Wall
Inputs AUX 3.5mm, HDMI, HDMI (2), HDMI (3), Optical
Outputs HDMI
Width 34.6 inch(es) / 87.88 cm
Height 2.9 inch(es) / 7.37 cm
Depth 1.8 inch(es) / 4.57 cm
Weight 3.59 lb(s) / 1.63 kg
Driver 1 x 165 mm (6.5") woofer
Width 7.1 inch(es) / 18.03 cm
Height 14.3 inch(es) / 36.32 cm
Depth 10.9 inch(es) / 27.69 cm
Weight 10.8 lb(s) / 4.9 kg

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