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The ECO650LCD ultra-compact green UPS offers complete protection from blackouts, voltage fluctuations and transient surges. Interactive LCD user interface offers detailed UPS and site electrical data, including input/output voltage, estimated runtime remaining, load percentage, load wattage and battery charge level. Energy saving ECO outlets give users the option to automatically power off unused desktop accessories like a printer and audio speakers as the computer connected via USB goes to low-power sleep or shutdown modes.

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Number of outlets 8
Phone outlets in 1
Phone outlets out 1
Surge protection 420 J
Maximum current 10 A
Noise reduction Yes
Additional information • Interactive LCD user interface with scroll and select buttons offer detailed UPS status and control options
• Set of 3 optional ECO outlets automatically power off unnecessary computer accessories like a printer, scanner and audio speakers three minutes after computer enters sleep or shutdown mode
• Full load efficiency rating of 99% saves energy and ensures cool operating temperatures
• ECO650LCD emits only 17 BTU/hr. and consumes less than 4 watts once the battery is charged
• Ultra compact UPS supports a variety of placement options for desktop or wall mount installation
• Includes 4 Surge-only outlets for accessories not requiring battery support
• USB monitors computer power status for ECO power savings and enables direct integration with built-in power management and auto-shutdown features of Windows and Mac OS X
• Space-saving right angle input plug
Width 10.75 inch(es) / 27.3 cm
Height 3.5 inch(es) / 8.9 cm
Depth 5.75 inch(es) / 14.6 cm
Weight 4.85 lb(s) / 2.2 kg
Width 12.99 inch(es) / 33 cm
Height 4.25 inch(es) / 10.8 cm
Depth 7.99 inch(es) / 20.3 cm
Weight 5.51 lb(s) / 2.5 kg
Warranty 3 year(s)

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