(Power Bars - UPS)

The Tripp-Lite OMNI1500LCDT line interactive UPS offers network-grade voltage regulation, surge suppression and long lasting battery support.

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Number of outlets 10
Pairs of coax outlets 1
Phone outlets in 1
Phone outlets out 1
Digital Voltage Meters Yes
USB output Yes
Noise reduction Yes
Additional information • 10 built-in NEMA 5-15R outlets, 5 with UPS and surge suppression for vital components and 5 additional outlets with surge-only protection for devices not requiring battery support
• Maintains operation of connected equipment to prevent data loss, equipment damage and downtime associated with power failures and severe voltage fluctuations
• Line Interactive Automatic Voltage Regulation / AVR circuits continuously correct brownouts and overvoltages from 92 to 150V without using battery power
• Offers 7.5 minutes runtime 50% load(405 watts)
• Supports an entry level desktop system with LCD screen for up to 55 minutes during power failures(75 watts)
• LCD display continuously reports operating mode and battery charge level, plus additional UPS and site power data, such as input & output voltage, frequency, load percentage, load watts, battery voltage and estimated runtime in minutes
Width 5.75 inch(es) / 14.6 cm
Height 7.99 inch(es) / 20.3 cm
Depth 15.39 inch(es) / 39.1 cm
Weight 26.9 lb(s) / 12.2 kg
Width 11.26 inch(es) / 28.6 cm
Height 9.02 inch(es) / 22.9 cm
Depth 19.25 inch(es) / 48.9 cm
Weight 26.9 lb(s) / 12.2 kg
Warranty 3 year(s)

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