Tornado H920
(Drones - Aerial)

Le Tornado H920 Hexacopter est une plateforme de photographie et de vidéographie aérienne professionnelle à rotors multiples. Son design modulaire unique et ses fonctions innovatrices rendent possible la capture de photographies et de séquences vidéo impressionnantes. Pour votre commodité, il est compatible avec deux options de caméra : le GH4 de Panasonic et la caméra CGO4 de Yuneec.

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Modular System (H920)

The Tornado H920 is a professional multirotor aerial photography and videography platform. Its unique modular design and innovative features make it possible to capture impressive photographs and video footage for a variety of uses. For your convenience, it is compatible with two camera options: the industry standard Panasonic GH4 and Yuneec's CGO4 gimbal camera.

Tornado Compatible Cameras

The Tornado H920 platform is capable of handling amazing camera options for you to choose from.

The GB603 is a 3-axis, brushless motor driven and self-stabilizing professional camera gimbal. Its lightweight yet rigid aluminum frame is capable of carrying the Panasonic GH4 to capture amazing photographs and video footage for a variety of uses.

The CGO4 is an independent high-end professional all in one gimbal camera specially developed for professional users who require ultra-high aerial imaging quality and resolution. CGO4 incorporates a true Panasonic GH4 camera with a 3x optical zoom lens and an integrated 5.8 GHz video link module, housed in purpose designed casing.

Complete and Ready-To-Fly System with GPS Module Integrated in the Body

Truly ready-to-fly out of the box, the remarkably easy-to-use Tornado H920 is the ideal choice for beginners and seasoned drone pilots alike. The integrated GPS module enables optimal satellite connectivity and position holding so that if you let go of the controls, the Tornado H920 will hover in the air and hold position.

Optimized Portability

The compact dimensions and foldable arms enable ultimate accessibility. These features ensure your Tornado H920 is ready to be used when you're ready to use it.

Retractable Landing Gear (H920)

Get a full, 360° view of the world below without anything obstructing your view.

Digital Video Downlink

Simply add the LK58 Digital Downlink Module to the GB603 gimbal to access full control over the Panasonic GH4 camera including: live video feed from camera to controller, shutter control, start/stop video.

ST24 Personal Ground Station

Not only is the ST24 aand advanced 24-channel 2.4 GHz RC transmitter - it's a personal ground station that includes built-in hardware and functionality for a 5.8 GHz video downlink, 7-inch touch screen display and built-in Android powered tablet. With the convenient and portable ST24, it's no longer necessary to use separate components to view real-time video and telemetry data during flight.

User Interface

Monitor all on-board sensors and access full telemetry data such as voltage, GPS position and heading from the advanced user interface.

Smart Pad Function

For optimal functionality, an Android powered tablet has been built into the ST24 controller, allowing users to check their email, download firmware or simply go online while on the go. The possibilities are endless.

HDMI Output

Using the HDMI output, consumers can connect the ST24 transmitter to FPV goggles, a TV or any other display of their choosing. All information seen on the screen of the personal ground station can also be shown on another screen.

Proaction Ground Handle with Dual Grip

Proaction is a ground handle that is designed to extend remarkably smooth footage from the sky to the ground. The dual grip handle is compatible with the GB603 and CGO4 camera gimbals, allowing you to capture ultra-stable footage even in the most turbulent circumstances.

IMPORTANT: Les images peuvent différer du produit.
Motor • Propeller/Main Rotor Diameter: 4.4 cm
Speed • Maximum Rotation Rate: 100°/s
• Maximum Horizontal Speed: 21 m/s
Controller Options • Model: ST24
• Operating System: Android
• Protocol: Yuneec
• Frequency:
- Control Signal: 2.4 GHz
- Video Downlink: 5.8 GHz
• Number of Channels: 24
• Range:
- Control Signal: Up to 6561.7' / 2000 m (depending on conditions)
- Video Downlink: 2296.6' / 700 m (depending on conditions)
• Display: 7" LED-backlit LCD
• Feedback: Tactile (vibrating) - Audible
• Battery: 8700 mAh Li-ion, 1S (internal)
Maneuvers Flight modes:
• Smart
• Angle
• Throttle
• Home Modes
Supplied Accessories • A10 Charger
• ST24 Transmitter and Personal Ground Station
• ST24 LCD Screen Sun Shade/Shield
• Accesory Box
Additional Information • Compatible with two camera options: Panasonic GH4 with GB603 gimbal and Yuneec’s CGO4 gimbal camera
• Retractable landing gear for a 360° view
• Folding arms for compact storage
• Up to 25 minutes of flight time per battery
• Ultra-light carbon fiber frame
Battery • 4000mAh 6S 22.2 V LiPo Battery (2 pieces)
Built-in Wi-Fi Non
Bluetooth Non
Width 38.1 pouce(s) / 96.77 cm
Height 18.1 pouce(s) / 45.97 cm
Depth 33.4 pouce(s) / 84.84 cm
Weight 11 lb / 4.99 kg
Warranty 6-Month Limited Warranty
UPC# 813646021892

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