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Ressentez des poussées d’adrénaline au cœur de l’action en éprouvant toute la tension du jeu et l’impact des effets sonores. L’immersion est totale, vous oubliez que vous portez un microcasque. Le G4ME ONE de Sennheiser, de type ouvert, optimisé pour les jeux PC et Mac vous offre une expérience sonore précise et naturelle, en un mot professionnelle. Le G4ME ONE est le micro-casque au confort idéal pour le jeu à la maison.

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Feel The Game, Not The Headset

Feel the rush, the beats, the tension and the awesome sound. Not your headset. The G4ME ONE gaming headset features an extremely accurate and natural sound experience. The open design ensures that air can be led through to your ears, keeping your head light and cool for hours of non-stop gaming.

Soft and Light

Whether you play for 30 minutes or all night long, the G4ME ONE ensures that you do not break a sweat. The headset features XXL plush velvet ear pads and a cushioned headband. These features ensure maximum comfort – even during your longest sessions.

German Engineered Technology

The two transducers in the G4ME headphones have been developed at our labs in Germany. They are optimized to provide an extremely accurate reproduction of the gaming audio, no matter what type of game you play. Every single unit is mechanically and acoustically tested.

Intuitive Controls

With volume controls integrated onto the right ear cup, your reaction time is cut down as you won't have to spend time searching the cable for the controls. The G4ME headphones also features a convenient microphone mute function too. Simply lift the boom arm and you're off the air.

A Perfect Match

Sennheiser is the only audio company that makes both the precision microphone equipment your games are recorded on, and the headsets you use to play them. So why would you go for any other gaming headset brand?

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Compatibility PC, Game Consoles
Color White
Additional features Noise Cancelling microphone; XXL plush velvet ear pads and a cushioned headband; Volume controls integrated onto the right ear cup
Warranty 2 year(s)
UPC# 615104252462

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