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High-Resolution Audio HDD Player - WIFI - Sony HAP-Z1ES
(Receivers and Amplifiers - Stereo Receivers)

Frequency range 2 Hz to 80 KHz THD Less then 0,001 5% HDD 1 TO

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High-Resolution Audio

High-Resolution Audio takes your digital music to another level. By converting analog music to digital at a higher rate than CDs – 24-bit/192kHz, as opposed to the 16-bit/44.1kHz rate of CDs – High-Resolution Audio is able to deliver better than CD quality sound, so you can get closer to the original studio recording.

DSD re-mastering engine

The HDD Audio Player’s built-in DSD re-mastering engine converts your digital music files to DSD audio, so you can enjoy every track in Hi-Res Audio that delivers better than CD quality sound.

More ways to control your collection

You can navigate your entire collection with ease using the front-mounted LCD display screen. Alternatively, download the dedicated smartphone app and manage your music from there.

Compatible formats

You’ll be able to enjoy your entire collection, regardless of file formats. The HDD Audio Player supports a range of compressed and non-compressed file types, including FLAC, WAV, AIFF, DSD (DFF), and DSD (DSF).

Expandable memory

The built-in 1TB hard drive is designed to house even the biggest music collection. However, if you need to boost your storage space it’s easy: simply connect an external hard drive to the HDD Audio Player via USB and you’re ready to go.

Online database

By cross-referencing your music collection with an online database, the HDD Audio Player is able to ensure that artist names and track titles are always up to date. The player also automatically adds song titles when you add music, so you’ll never be confronted by unnamed mystery tracks.

Automatic file transfer

Whenever you add new music to your collection, the HDD Audio Player automatically copies the files from your PC to the player’s onboard hard drive via LAN or Wi-Fi connection.

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Sound Channels 2
Power Consumption (Max) 35 W
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.0015 %
Frequency Range (Hz) 2 Hz -80,000 Hz
Video Compatibility None
3D Ready No
Atmos Compatible No
Dolby Digital No
User Interface On the receiver
Additional Information • High-Resolution Audio compatible
• DSEE and DSD Remastering restore quality to compressed files
• 1TB capacity to store thousands of songs
• Wi-Fi with automatic PC sync software
• Control right from your Smartphone or tablet
Composites Audio Outputs (Analog) 2
Wi-Fi Yes

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