Motion Timelapse

Osmo+ helps you record the passage of time more easily than ever. Just mark where you want the camera movement to start and end, and tap "Start" to create phenomenal moving timelapses without additional specialist equipment.

Advanced Stabilization - Osmo+

The Osmo+ builds on the advanced stabilization technology introduced with the Osmo to keep the camera flat no matter how you move it, whether you are live streaming or shooting your first film, and has been optimized for ultimate stability during stills capture.

Moving Selfies

A focal distance that starts from just 0.5 meters means you are perfectly in focus when shooting an action selfie. Just triple tap the trigger button to enter Selfie Mode and start shooting.

Detailed Panorama

Take big, detailed landscape photos you will want to frame using only your smartphone ant the Osmo+. its Panorama function automatically captures and blends 9 separate photos together to create one stunning photo.

Long Exposure

Take long exposure shots with absolute crispness and sharpness, even without a tripod. The stabilization system in the Osmo+ keeps the camera totally still so you can freehand capture long exposures.

Powerful Camera

Shoot crisp 4K/30fps video and 1080p/100fps for slow motion video, with enganced sound capture through included FlexiMic or capture 12 megapixel stills in Adobe DNG RAW for more editing freedom.

Accessorize - Osmo+

The Osmo+ supports a nimber of mounts and extensions so that you can use it in almost any situation. A Tripod lets you set the Osmo+ down for added stability or long-distance control. The bike Mount lets you take the Osmo+ for a ride and an Extension Rod opens up a range of brand new angles.

IMPORTANT: Les images peuvent différer du produit.
Maximum Resolution 4K
Recording media Memory Cards
Hard drive None
Integrated Flash memory None
Memory card compatibility microSD/HC/XC
Picture resolution 12.4 megapixels
Color Black
Audio recording • Audio Output: 48 KHz; AAC
• Built-in Flexi Microphone
Maximum Recording Time 60 minutes
Recording Format AVCHD, H.264, MP4, MPEG-4, MOV
Additional features • Take sharper selfies with a 50 cm minimum focus distance
• Support for motion timelapse, panorama, long exposure and more
• Compatible with a range of optional accessories. Shoot anytime, anywhere
Lens type 22-77 mm zoom lens
Manual focus Non
Digital zoom 2x
Optical zoom 3.5x

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