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(Cordless Phones - 3-Handset)

Smart, sleek and reliable phone system designed to make everyday call management easier. Combine the freedom of your cell phone and the convenience of a home phone with Link-to-Cell.

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Link2Cell / Bluetooth / DECT

Make and receive cell phone calls through the DECT cordless handset, which allows you to listen clearly while eliminating dead spots and the need for a landline. You can now enjoy long conversation calls without worrying about the charge left on your cell phone. And best of all, the cordless handset will alert you when there is an incoming call or text message on your cell phone.

Remote Voice Assist Function

Now you can combine the convenience and reliability of you home phone with the power and versatility of your cell phone. Thanks to Link2Cell, connect your home phone to your cell and enjoy the best of both systems. With easy Voice Assist to Siri, Google Now or S Voice, you can make phone calls, read your latest messages or check the weather.

Call Block*

The call block feature allows you to block calls from unwanted numbers (telemarketers/robocalls/toll-free calls), numbers that match the first 2 to 8 digits of set numbers, and numberless calls. You can register up to 150 unwanted numbers.

* Requires subscription to Caller ID service offered by your provider/telephone company

Talking Caller ID

Now you can hear who's calling from across the room without having to get up. Using text-to-speech technology, Panasonic phones featuring Talking Caller ID announce caller ID information in between rings. What could be more convenient?

Convenience Features (KX-TGD593)

This phone also makes every day calling, conversing and messaging easier. It features a speakerphone, intercom, night mode, shared phonebook, and up to 16 minutes of voice messaging and it is expandable to 6 handsets.

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Technology DECT 6.0--1.9 Ghz Digital
Number of Phone Lines 1 lines
Number of Handsets Included 3 cordless
Multi Handset Capability Up to 6
Languages English, French
Speakerphone Base/Handset
Intercom Yes
Caller ID Yes
Call Waiting Yes
Answering Machine Yes
Recording Capacity 16 minutes
Voice Mail Available
Backlit Handset Keypad Yes
Talk Time 12 h
Headset Jack No
Hearing Aid Compatible Yes
Belt Clip No
Wall Mountable Yes
Additional Information • Link2Cell / Bluetooth® / DECT
• Remote Voice Assist Function
• Text Message Alert
• Application Alerts
• Phonebook Copy from Cellular Phone via Bluetooth®

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