About us

SONXPLUS is a group of independent dealers who are well established in their respective communities.

Our organization brings together a network of dedicated electronics and computer specialists. We’re well known and highly regarded in numerous cities across Quebec and Ontario.

In our milieu, business success is built on consumer trust. Over the years, we’ve earned the recognition of our fellow citizens. Today we enjoy an enviable social presence and highly respected image.

At SONXPLUS, we make a point of offering our customers specialized access to the world of home automation, which is evolving at a remarkable rate. We make it our business to transform our customers’ lives by offering incredible technologies.

Whether you visit our stores or browse our website, we guarantee you’ll enjoy attentive service and a friendly approach that respects your present and future needs.


Our mission: transform your shopping experience by carefully guiding you through the complex world of electronics and information technology. And we do it better than anyone else.

The products we sell are increasingly sophisticated and refined. And we understand that our customers can sometimes get lost and confused in this high tech jungle. (Alternative ending for the sentence: have difficulty understanding them.)

Our employees devote much of their time to learning how to help you cut through the jargon and understand what you need to know. That’s why having competent staff is so important to us.

And shopping at SONXPLUS also guarantees you the best products at the best price. .

Dealer commitment 

Every SONXPLUS dealer is, first and foremost, a citizen who cares about their community and is committed to making a difference.

Our concern for our community is evident in our presence in the regions of Quebec and Ontario where our stores are located outside major urban centers. We feel privileged to be in a position where we can make a difference in the lives of our fellow citizens.

That’s why we are so engaged on the local scene. No matter where we’re located, our work extends beyond our business and reflects the importance we place on the quality of life in our community.


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Several major brands in stores and online: SAMSUNG, SONY, YAMAHA, PARADIGM, PANASONIC, JBL, MARLEY, DELL AND MORE.

Employees trained and passionate about electronics. Financing available in store