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Looking to join forces with a business that does things differently?

SONXPLUS dealers are our business partners. That’s why our structure is different from other chains where everything is focused on profiting the head office.

We believe a dealer chain can offer consumers superior service by taking advantage of group buying without compromising the flexibility of its members.

Becoming a SONXPLUS dealer means joining a team of professionals that works together – and each dealer remains master of their own destiny. Our organizational structure gives each member a real voice in decision-making and avoids the pitfalls of other business models.

We’re committed to growing with our dealers and to putting our energy and creativity to work for our mutual growth.

Imagine being part of a network in which you can make a real difference!

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Several major brands in stores and online: SAMSUNG, SONY, YAMAHA, PARADIGM, PANASONIC, JBL, MARLEY, DELL AND MORE.

Employees trained and passionate about electronics. Financing available in store